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How to use the AI platform to questions

Understanding The Home Screen

When you log in to the application the first screen you will see is the home screen. Which may look like the screen below.

Ask a question to AI

The first section you will see on the screen is "As a question here". You can ask the AI a question you have on your company products and processes. Here are a few examples of questions you may ask

  • How many green widgets do we serve

  • How do I set up a new user

  • What module supports blue widgets

As you can see these questions are in natural language like speaking to another person.

How to Read an Answer Provided by AI

Here you see an example of an answer that was provided by AI.

  • Question: First, you see the question you asked

  • Answer: The answer is presented in the form of a paragraph. Some answers may contain code snippets like the example below if it is relevant to the response.

  • 🔗 Links and Citations: Every answer is accompanied by sources where the answer was found. This could be a help center, confluence, knowledge bases, or files. You can click on the link icon next to each link to visit the external source and verify the source yourself.

  • 👁️ Link Quick View: Next you each link, you will notice an eye icon. Click on this icon to see a quick view of the source data. This is very handy for seeing the underlying data without opening a new tab

👍 Accept + Copy / Edit

  • 📋 Copy: If the answer provided by AI looks right. You can click on the Copy Icon. This copies the answer to the clipboard so you can paste it into your Email or any other tool

  • 👍 Accept + Copy: Some users see an Accept and Copy button, This does the same action as Copy, in addition, it marks the answer as accurate to improve AI answer quality

  • 📝 Edit: You have the ability to use AI to make edits to your answers. When you click on this icon an edit screen will open to the side. See the instructions about the edit screen below.

📝 Editing AI Responses

Often you may need to edit an AI answer to fit your needs. This screen allows you to modify the answer and use the help of AI to do so.

  • Manual Edits: The answer is presented in a text box. This lets you make quick edits to the answer. Then you can copy the answer to the clipboard by hitting the copy button.

  • Citations: Something a source that AI had used can be not relevant to your use case. In such a scenario you can unselect the citation. In doing so AI will regenerate the answer using the other sources.

  • Style and Tone: You will see buttons for making the answer bulleted, short, long, etc. Use these buttons to reformat the answer.

  • Rephrase with AI: This allows you to rephrase the answer. Simply tell me what you want to be. Here are some examples of how to use the rephrase with AI functionality

    • "Respond in a casual tone"

    • "Respond in a single sentence"

AI Agents or Personas

There may be different AI Personas configured for you by the setup team. The purpose of Personas is to provide a personalized answer based on your role. For instance, a Support Persona may provide an AI response that is detailed with How-to steps. A Sales persona may provide a short answer with the intent to provide a high-level clarification rather than an in-depth response.

On Clicking this button a side panel opens up allowing you to select a different persona. Click on the different personas listed to see how they are different from each other.

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