Add an AI Agent/Persona

Learn how to add an AI Agent

What is an AI Agent/Persona

Your team consists of colleagues in different roles. Like Customer success, Customer Support, Sales, Pre-Sales, Operations, Onboarding Specialists, Support Engineers, etc. Each role interacts with customers in a different function. The AI platform is built to support these different needs with multiple AI Personas.

You can find the AI Agents module under Home> AI Agents > Manage AI Agents. Click on this link to open the AI Agents Module

AI Agents Screen

The AI Agents screen allows you to see existing AI Agents and create new ones.

  • Existing AI Agents: You will see a list of AI Agents. Often one agent is configured as the default agent for the organization. When a user logs into the application for the first time this agent is used. Users can then select their own AI agent which will be remembered the next time they log in.

  • Agent Processing Status: On the right side of the screen you will notice the processing status of a selected agent. This is informational only and typically of use to team members who are involved in the setup. If you are not setting up the AI Platform you can ignore this section.

  • Adding a New AI Agent: You will notice e button at the top of the screen that reads "Add New AI Agent". This button allows you to add a new AI Agent

Adding a New AI Agent

This screen allows you to add a new AI Agent or to edit an existing AI Agent.

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