Add New Data Sources

Learn how to add a new data source

What is a Data Source

The AI Platform depends on your company data to provide accurate answers. Company data often can be in the form of documentation, help centers, websites, Confluence, Jira, etc. The AI Platform can ingest all this data and process it with AI Models. When a user asks a question the AI analyses all these data sources in real-time to provide a detailed AI response.

You can find the Data Sources module under Home> Data Sources > Manage Data Sources. Click on this link to open the Data Sources Module

Data Sources Screen

  • Existing Data Sources: Shows a list of all data sources currently configured

  • Data Source Processing Status: This shows the status of the processing of a data source. Some of the information in this section may see cryptic. Do not worry. Most users do not interact with this screen, If you are an admin user configuring a data source then you will be working closely with this screen to load new data.

  • Add New Data Source: This allows you to add a new data source. As explained in the section below.

Adding a New Data Source

  • Supported Data Source Types:

    • Web Site SiteMap.xml: You can provide the sitemap file of a website. The AI Brain can crawl the website and ingest all the pages on the website.

    • Files: You can upload Doc, Docx, PDF, and Txt files as Individual Files

    • Zip Files: You can upload Zip files containing multiple Doc, Docx, PDF, and Txt files

    • Confluence Space Export: You can import a Confluence Space exported as HTML pages

    • Docusaurus: You can provide the SiteMap of the Docusaurus site.

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